Bri – AKA Sunshine – Bri is our bright little sun spot! In her high school days, she was on a cheer team with Vienna and had a direct recommendation from her. Vienna noted this about Bri: “She has always been a strong base and willing to work on anything in cheer until she masters it!” Detail oriented and realistic of time frames, she is one of our newest Freaks and we are so proud of her success! Bri is precise and all-inclusive, yet she has swiftly learned where to dial her detailwork up and down. Bright, joyful, inquisitive, and intelligent, she remembers everything you teach her. You’ll find Bri to be willing, dedicated, and multi-faceted in her abilities; Excelling in these skills has gotten her a position on our newly formed office team! Being a CleanFreak isn’t the only title she holds as she’s also attending college courses, which makes her even more impressive! Tackling two part-time jobs AND college is ambitious to say the least, but that’s just the type of woman we want! When she’s not at work she is killing it with her studies for college, hanging out with family, and uplifting friends! We are so lucky to have her on our team, and we know you’ll love having Bri on your project since she’s competing against her former self each and every time!