Corey – AKA #1 – Corey grew up near the north shore of Chicago, Illinois. He is a hard worker with immense integrity and patience. He brings so much to the table and loves a clean, finished product! Not only is Corey all about perfection, high standards, and being prepared, he is all about you. His warm nature and desire to know you as an individual is sincerity at its best. In getting to know you, he loves to customize your house and office cleaning to include your smallest requests. In Corey’s personal time, you’ll find him outdoors enjoying the Pacific Northwest by rollerblading and biking through difficult terrain, or visiting his kids in North Washington where they attend college. As a hockey fan (Go Blackhawks!) Corey grew up playing hockey and describes every televised game as if he’s part of the team! We love Corey’s smile, vitality and zest for life! Jacqueline’s favorite comment from Corey: “This is actually fun! You really get attached to both the clients and the results, and when you stand back at the end of a deep clean, it’s really rewarding.” You’ll love having him as your Team Manager, and applaud him as he co-leads our Quality Control Team!