Danny – Aka Sensei – Danny’s nickname used to be Guy Smiley! This guy is the most beautiful example of Positive Vibes! He has exceptional leadership skills, and was the earliest to graduate to management because of this wonderful character trait, combined with the desire to attain a 5☆ clean each and every time! He would stay late to go above and beyond, and would even practice windows at home to ensure he brought greatness to the table. Because of this desire for perfection, Danny co-leads the Quality Control Team AND leads the Window Team! He is a kind and honest Team Manager, and always holds himself accountable no matter what the situation (and let us tell ya, with Danny there’s rarely a situation)! He never misses a beat and demonstrates exemplary attitude, attendance, and investment! If you have sensitive pets our CleanFreaks are calm, grounded and accommodating, and Danny is the absolute best example of this! All of our freaks are like this, and he leads by example by comforting your pet before he gets the clean started. To date, we call him the pet whisperer! Exceptional, fun and dedicated, we all want to be around Danny and you will too. When he is not cleaning, you’ll find him following or participating in his passion…FOOTBALL! He loves to stay active by going on runs and working out, and enjoys uplifting others, laughing, and spending time with family! He’s also a proud papa to a Jack Russel dog named Milo, and two kitties named Geta and Buttercup! You’ll love having Danny as your Team Manager as he provides an experience like none other!