Jacqueline – AKA Boss Lady – Jacqueline speaks a different language! Passionate and knowledgeable about home and office cleaning, she will stop at nothing to bring you the absolute best. Every action she takes in her daily life is centered around you and her team! Jacqueline’s product knowledge comes from 20 years of experience, and positivity is her vibe! She has the ability to transfer her joy and invigorating energy to everyone around her, and holds a can-do attitude with a clear vision for a beautifully finished home or office. From bid to finished project, she is there for you every step of the way. When she’s not orchestrating, training, or going on estimates, you’ll find Jacqueline in the gym (her second passion), spending time with family, grilling by the open fire, gardening, or reading a book about success and personal development. She loves fine art galleries, design, and live music! You’ll love working with Jacqueline behind the scenes, or in the field with her team where hard work and laughter flourish!