Marissa – AKA Pink Power Ranger – Marissa has set the standard for the cleanest graduation to management! With her near perfect attendance, superb team attitude, and “steady pace wins the race” investment, this lady brings positivity and laughter to the team and to her cleans! As Team Manager, she’s learned from the others and surpasses the CleanFreaks standards! She is a warm, funny, and ultra hard working person! She is in second place for the fastest to graduate to management (following Danny), and made her promotion look like a ballet backed by a beautiful symphony orchestra! Marissa is tactical, kind, firm, and cares deeply about her clients, the outcome, and her co-workers. When she leads she becomes completely invested in the details and finds her zen! Jacqueline’s favorite comment from Marissa: “I want to learn from others’ mistakes, and make better choices that help everyone!” She’s absolutely amazing and we are so lucky to have her on our team, and you’ll love the energy and efficiency Marissa brings to the table! When she’s not producing 5☆ cleans at work & leading her team, Marissa loves her independence and she loves helping other people! She is a mama to her cats Billie and Alaska, and is a lover of colors and art. She is a true free spirit, an exceptional listener and a beautiful encourager. With intelligence and wisdom beyond her years, you’ll love having Marissa as your Team Manager and we hope you get the chance to know her beauty like we do! She is irreplaceable!