Shelby – AKA Mustang – Shelby is an amazing guy! He cleans with precision and has a strong and steady mindset, always ready to deliver the requests of his clients flawlessly. Shelby knows how to ace the components of a project time after time! He is passionate and can keep a cool head through any situation. You’ll love Shelby’s mentality of “steady pace wins the race, it has to be perfect”! In the time Shelby has been with us, he has earned the trust of his fellow Clean Freaks by demonstrating an excellent balance of speed and sublimity. Since he attends college, Shelby works with us part-time (I love go getters-don’t you?), but when he’s here at work he devotes his full attention and love to his clients and the tasks at hand. We can trust Shelby with any duty since he provides consistency, magnificence, comic relief, and leadership through example! You’ll love getting to know his love for cars, and a little sidestep from the serious nature of what we do will have you cheering on Shelby’s successes! We love Shelby’s laugh and dependable nature! When not crushing it at work, Shelby is studying and doing homework, hanging with his girlfriend, or dishing facts about cars! He has an affinity for BMW’s and the mechanics of automobiles, and this passion is precisely what has put him in training to become one of our Car Detailing Specialists. You’re going to dig Shelby’s attitude and delivery on a perfect project! We know we do!