Two Door

Interior 130, exterior 150, OR BOTH for 250

Four Door

Interior 149, exterior 200, OR BOTH for 325

Compact SUV

Interior 175, exterior 225, OR BOTH for 375

SUV’s and Small Trucks

Interior 179, exterior 250, OR BOTH for 400

Minivans and Large Trucks

Interior 179, exterior 300, OR BOTH for 450


What you will get

Add-On options are as follows:

  • Headlight restoration: 79
  • Pitch removal: 70 per area
  • Vehicle clean out: 50
  • Hazard clean: 50-100

Tools and Methods

  • Carpet Shampooer:
    The carpet shampooer is a common tool used to detail the floors of our vehicles. It removes dirt, messy fluids, and spilled food from most any carpet. With certain shampoos, it also has the added benefit of a clean smelling car.
  • Steamer:
    The steamer is a tool used to remove sticky gunk, smudges, and other abrasions from hard plastics, glass, and paint. By using high pressure and hot steam we are able to clean your surfaces like new.
  • Clay Bar:
    The clay bar can be used to remove dirt and bugs from paint and glass. It removes impurities from the paint. It is a special compound made to lift up dirt without damaging or scratching the surface it is used on.


  • Ceramic Wax:
    Ceramic wax is the new standard for most car detail businesses. If applied correctly, it can protect your paint from dirt, hard water spots, and minor abrasions.

  • Enjo:
    The Enjo mitt is a special glove designed to lift up dirt and grime from any surface. It has specially woven fibers that pick up dirt and release them back into the water once rinsed. Because of this no soap is required for our wash, leaving your driveway soap scum free.