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Our Bread & Butter

Home Deep Cleaning Packages

Our deep clean packages are perfect for those who want their home to look brand new. We guarantee that even the messiest of homes will look refreshed and polished after our first-time clean. What fun is a clean if we simply wipe counters and vacuum - anyone can do that! We’ll take care of all your cleaning needs so you can enjoy the satisfaction of a pristine home.

  • room

    One-Time Deep Clean

    Our experienced team of cleaners will ensure that your home is left looking spotless and shiny after our thorough deep cleaning. With our advanced techniques and quality products your space will be cleaner than ever.

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    “Re-Deep” Cleaning

    After an initial deep clean, we’ll tailor the perfect long term cleanliness plan for your home and maintain it on a regular basis with our consistent deep cleaning services.

  • apartment building

    The “Little Debbie”

    Deep cleans for homes and spaces smaller than 1000 square feet. Apartments are always welcome! Parking is supplied/reimbursed day of cleaning where applicable and greatly appreciated!

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Home Cleaning Extras

Chores Piling Up?
Add Our Extras to Any Cleaning Package

We understand life throws us its curveballs, and sometimes chores can slip through the cracks. You can count on the CleanFreaks to lend a helping hand, and we’ll even make a trip to the dump for you!

Speaking of lending a hand- we are excellent at picking up the baton and surpassing previous cleaners too! We know the areas less vigilant cleaners often miss, and we’ll make sure you’re happy the the results.

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  • Dishes

    We’ll take on a pile of dishes any size, and leave them clean and sparkling.

  • Laundry

    Our team will carefully wash, steam and fold your laundry so you don’t have to.

  • Recycling & Garbage Disposal

    Overdue for a trip to the dump? We can help you properly dispose of your unwanted garbage.

  • Organization & Interior Design

    Let our CleanFreaks put their minds to work for your space to make it more functional and inviting to the eye!

Enjoy a healthier space

Auto-Immune Cleanings & Mold Treatments specializes in auto-immune cleaning for our clients with specific needs to keep their house free of dust and allergens. Our team will always accommodate our clients by wearing masks, being vaccinated, and using DoTerra essential oils and Kangen Water to combat germs and allergens. We believe in the many benefits of cleaning with essential oils.

This clean is specific and must be requested and customized with the amazing CleanFreaks staff! We do conversions each and every day and would love to convert your chemical clean to a CleanFreaks zero chemical household or clean!

Jacqueline, the owner of CleanFreaks, is awesome!! So knowledgeable and professional. She instantly understood what I needed to deal with mold allergies and offered a variety of informed and custom solutions. I'll be hiring her company for all of my cleaning needs in the future.

Amy S. gavel

Let CleanFreaks Take Care of Your Window Cleaning & Car Details Too!

The “Jim & Mindy”

For Homes That Truly Don’t Need a Deep Clean

Our "Jim & Mindy" cleaning package was inspired by dear clients in Yacolt Washington, Jim and Mindy! Jim was certain he did not need a deep clean, what he and Mindy did need was someone to LISTEN to what they were asking for, to view the property and break the traditional "Initial Deep Cleaning Protocol" that most companies start out with. Jacqueline listened, we did a curtailed, customized work order with special projects to restore their porcelain sinks and get the up-high dusting that was skipped by the previous company as well as the vertical surfaces and window sills! When finished, the clean was exactly what they needed and nothing more! Boy we're glad we listened because not only are Jim and Mindy great people, they became great clients. Lucky us!

Whether you have a brand new home or it has been meticulously maintained, we understand that in special cases deep cleaning can be ultra-light! This keeps the attention to detail just as high as any other cleaning service we proudly offer, it just changes the game for those that don’t need a full deep clean!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Get a Cleaner & More Productive Workplace

It's more than the trash and dash services that you are getting, we simply care more! Considering you and your team spend a great deal of your time at the office, we prefer to treat it like a home! CleanFreaks.Biz has the ability to restore a dingy bathroom, clean out the company fridge, and revitalize that silk plant in the entryway that has two months of cobwebs and dust.

Our dusting is a wet/dry technique with a microfiber cloth to capture the dust and send it down the drain rather than push it around to circulate and return right back from where it came! With a CleanFreaks office clean you and your team will be healthier and have less dust in the air! Try adding in our essential oils to leave germ fighters on the surfaces for extra layer of protection!

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Solutions for any Situation

Specialty Services

Restoring Peace and Tranquility

Intervention Cleaning

Do you have or know someone who suffers from Compulsive Hoarders Disorder? Are they ready to heal and move forward? Have you suffered a death in the family and need some assistance?

Our team has a burning passion to help others who are ready to transition and or family members taking initiative on their behalf. We understand life gets away from us sometimes. Jacqueline acts as a concierge orchestrating the many pieces of the puzzle that come into play to keep everyone safe and restore the person and the property! It takes a fair amount of phycological understanding of what each contributing party needs in this delicate process, and the Freaks get it! We are hear to help on the pivot towards cleanliness. We can even become a part of the ongoing solution by implementing regular consistent cleaning services. Let's get this done and celebrate together! We all want to bask in a clean space.

Relocate with Ease

Move in & Move Out Cleaning

Help minimize the stress of moving by hiring the CleanFreaks to leave your former home spotless or make your new home look brand new. Property managers and landlords can count on our team to elevate the cleanliness of your vacant properties & model homes so they’re inviting for new tenants.

The Finishing Touch

Post Construction Cleaning

So you're all finished with a construction project or renovation, your investment just needs one more thing; our signature Post Construction Cleaning Service!

Construction dust is invasive. A home is a breathing mechanism with drafts that pull dust into spaces and crevasses both vertically and horizontally! From ceiling to floor, and yes, from the windows to the walls! Great news- we know exactly what it requires, and are gentle yet effective! As the dust resettles we are already on it with a damp microfiber cloth and a dry one right behind, usually multiple times in a row, and once more on horizontal surfaces as we exit!

Summer Window Cleaning Special

Get 50% Off Window Cleaning With Your First Deep Clean

Ready to let the sunshine in? Experience the joy of sparkling clean windows with CleanFreaks.Biz! This Summer, get 50% off window cleaning when you schedule your first deep clean with us.

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